Welcome to LiberateYourPen !

My name is Nadia Arfani, and I created this blog to share a desire to write, to release thoughts, to dig into some society subjects, to learn and to get inspired.

I am an engineer and entrepreneur who loves literature, philosophy, music, travel, theatre, painting, sculpture, nature,… and any artistic expression, whether human or divine.

I am passionate about social entrepreneurship, and I believe in our words’ power and creativity to help us build a better version of ourselves and to feed hope for a better world.

LiberateYourPen grew from a personal initiative – that I would like to make collective – and aims to awaken enthusiastic souls and to nurture creative ideas and thinking.

I wish this blog will help readers liberate their minds and their pens, reflect on the present, bring their dreams to life and act NOW towards them.

Together let’s shake our thoughts, share enthusiasm and focus on what really matters to us!