“Void” versus “Lack”

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I was sitting on the sofa, my pen and notepad in the hands, and I was looking at the trees through a large glass window.

Everything around me was calm, and I had no particular tension. These were ideal conditions for me to write.

Unavoidably, my brain started bringing back some recent events. Some were disturbing. But still part of my resolution to practice being out of my comfort zone.

I could open myself to new people. And I unintentionally offended some of them.

Yet, in all cases, I kept calm, showing openness, good energy, and empathy.

This is not enough to maintain a relationship, of course – as in a relationship, both parties’ willingness is needed – but this is enough for me to congratulate myself about the few steps achieved so far. 

Therefore, on that calm and wonderful day, I decided to bring my attention to the two feelings that, I believe, are dominating following the loss of a relationship: “Void” and “Lack”.

In the following, I consider Void and Lack as 2 personas engaging in a dialog.

I would be happy to read your comments below, as always!

With much love ♥…

♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣

[Void] Very few are those who appreciate me. It is said that I can drive people crazy. It is said that I am the cause of all evil – especially for young persons – and that I push adults into the worst addictions. Here you can go on: alcohol, sex, nicotine, work, and many more.

[Lack] You can not deny your part of responsibility in those calamities. You are where people expect to see something else. Where people would love to find life. You are even often where least expected. And it’s crazy how cruel you could be when you land following the loss of a relative, a loved one, or something precious…

[Void] Hahahaha! This is the best I have ever heard coming from you Lack! I, however, often found you outstripping me in those situations. What would the loss of someone or something precious be without you, hein? Nothing! No pain. No sorrow. And it’s only at that moment that my presence makes sense and could finally become a blessing…

[Lack] Yes, of course! We should not bury our heads my friend. You know, as well as I, that rare are those who consider us as a “blessing”…

[Void] Oh no! First, please do not put us in the same pot. Second, are blessed those who do not consider you at all! Those people, as exceptional and bizarre as they could be, know what it means to love without expecting anything in return.

[Lack] Well, another one who believes in love without me… This is only bullshit my dear friend. And even against the universal laws. How could you see the continuity of any given life without me? I am what creates and recreates connexions. I am what socializes and tempers the ego.

[Void] You are what brings back to the animal and primitive order, that’s it. While I am what makes humans a source of creativity. I am what reveals the Art and the Hereafter.

[Lack] For sure you have seduced more than one to end up leaping into you…

[Void] Do not confuse me with Despair or Arrogance, please. And if you claim to be what socializes and enables life continuity, then why don’t you save desperate and arrogant people who decide to end up their lives?

[Lack] Perhaps because those people chose not to consider me, indeed. Or perhaps because they abused me… I can not enable social connexions and life continuity to those who are still holding on to the dead or to the lost love for example.

[Void] Interesting… Altogether, this is an aspect that could bring us together. In the same way, I can not enable creativity to those who abuse me. And addictions are only consequences of such abuse.

[Lack] You see? Maybe, we are not in the same pot, but there is a strong link between us. I missed out on that…

[Void] OK… Go away now… I need my void.

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